Hey everyone! I am in the process of building a new site for my blog. We are moving!!! Moving web hosts that is. And the site is getting a fresh new look! But still retaining its old sweet charm. hehe

I know, you’re probably wondering why I’m spending time doing all this web work and not spending time cooking instead! Argh!!! And you’re right, I should be cooking more. But seriously, I’ve lost almost 10lbs now and I got to fit into my wedding dress in two more months, you should really see the food I have been eating these days. Oh the things we do for beauty. *sigh*

Anyway, I’m super excited about the new site design and all the nifty new plugins I am able to incorporate now. All with the help of my good friend Mr. GK, who’s a super a duper tech master. The move is probably going to happen within the week, so don’t be all weirded out when you come back and the site looks different yet oddly familiar. 😛

And also, if you get an email to re-confirm your subscription to the blog in the next few days, just go ahead and confirm it. It’s the only way we’ve figured out how to move all the original subscribers over to the new site.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new site design. I hope you like!!!


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  1. Joe Kendzora on the 12. Oct, 2011 remarked #

    Just received my new pressure cooker yesterday. Haven’t tried it yet, or named it for that matter, but i saw your website on the instructions and thought i would see if could find some recipes to try. Think I’ll break it in with the Chinese Coca-Cola Chicken Wings!

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