Have you ever had one of those days when you just totally do NOT want to cook?  Or you’re just so busy, or you’re running late and can’t get home in time to make a meal for your family?  I’m sure you all have.  And usually when that happens, we either run to grab quick take-out, or you somehow talk your husband or boyfriend to cook instead.  Well, this recipe is FOR THE BOYS!  It’s super easy, quick and fool-proof.  Three main ingredients only.  And your man can pat himself on the back and boast that he made a great meal with no help at all!  (Unless your man is a great chef already and knows his way around the kitchen.)

I also dedicate this recipe to the series finale of SMALLVILLE!  I had a few friends over today and we watched the finale. It was so nostalgic remembering all the story lines throughout the last 11 years of watching the series.  At some scenes, I almost got teary eyed.  I mean, the series had always been a cheese-ball story of the origins of iconic Superman.  But I couldn’t help but watch it, and of course Tom Welling’s hotness aided in that as well.  Goodbye to his gorgeous hot abs of steel!

Anyway, let’s get back to the cooking.  That’s what we’re here for the last time I checked.  Three ingredients, that’s all you’ll need.  No seriously, I’m not lying.

– 2 Cups Beef Broth
– 1 Cup BBQ Sauce (Your brand of choice)
– 1/2 Cup BBQ Sauce; this is for after the cooking
– 3lbs. Beef Brisket or Chuck Roast

Pour the cups of beef broth into the main cooking pot of the pressure cooker.  Place the brisket or chuck roast into the broth and then top the meat with 1 cup of BBQ sauce.  Coat it thoroughly all over.  Lock and load the pressure cooker lid and program it to cook for 60-minutes.
Tada, that’s it!  That’s all the direction you have to give your hubbie to get dinner rolling.   Easy peezy.

(When I was cooking my brisket, my pressure cooker wouldn’t pressurize.  It would heat up for 5-minutes and then beep and cycle over to keep warm.  This usually happens when the machine is sensing not enough liquid and too much heat is present so it will auto shut-off.  Well, I had plenty of liquid and I wondered why it was doing that.  I realized it was because the meat was one large slab of beef that basically covered almost the entire bottom of the pot.  Not enough liquid was actually touching the base.  So what I ended up doing was cutting up some potatoes that I had to use up anyway and placed it under the beef to raise it off the bottom of the pot by a bit.  That way, it created pockets for the liquid to flow under.  If you don’t have potatoes, you can always just use a trivet too.)

Once the cooking cycle is complete, release the pressure and unlock the lid.  The meat should be falling apart into smaller portions.  Remove each portion to a platter.  Use a couple of forks and shred the meat into small shredded pieces.  When all the meat has been shredded, ladle about 1 cup of the cooking liquid into the beef and mix.  Then add the other 1/2 cup of BBQ sauce and mix as well.

This is where I got an inspiration.  The BBQ sauce I used just didn’t have enough kick to it.  So of course, I pulled out my trusty jar of Habanero Pepper Jelly!  Hey, why not!  I added about 2 tbsp to the shredded beef and gave it a good mix again.

I chose to make little Slider Sandwiches but you can really use the meat for anything.  Serve it as is with mashed potatoes, or put it between some tortillas, add cheese and make a great quesadilla.  Use your imagination.  It’s great with chips and potato salads as well.  You can’t go wrong here.  This has got to be the easiest and quickest recipe post I’ve done so far.  Enjoy!



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  1. mrschippy on the 18. May, 2011 remarked #

    What a great easy recipe! Today is perfect cold, rainy weather in SoCal to make it 🙂

  2. Tina cleaves on the 22. Jan, 2013 remarked #

    Sounds yummy. Do I cook on high preasure or low presure

  3. DWM on the 20. Aug, 2014 remarked #

    We used the Elite Platinum 808 Pressure Cooker and set it for 60 minutes. After that time, the brisket (2.95 lbs.) was still intact and tough. We decided to put it on the Beef setting (26 mins.) to see what will happen. Let you know in a few.

    • DWM on the 20. Aug, 2014 remarked #

      Just thought about the fact that it could be because we’re using a stainless steel pot instead of the one that came with the PC! This is the first time we’ve used the new pot.

    • DWM on the 20. Aug, 2014 remarked #

      Finally able to pull apart after 1 hour and 56 minutes! Will try again using original pot instead of the stainless steel pot.

  4. Fppilot on the 14. Jan, 2015 remarked #

    But! That is not a brisket in your raw meat photo!

    • Linda C on the 02. Jan, 2017 remarked #

      Her recipes states, – 3lbs. Beef Brisket or Chuck Roast. Maybe she didn’t have a good picture of a brisket but she did of the chuck roast. No biggie!

  5. Kelly Holt on the 31. Mar, 2015 remarked #

    i made this last night and it was a big hit for my pinkie kids. Thanks for sharing. Way yummy from souther California.

  6. Joni on the 27. Aug, 2015 remarked #

    Do I cook this on high or low pressure?

    • patee333 on the 27. Aug, 2015 remarked #


  7. Graceeh on the 09. Jul, 2016 remarked #

    Be sure to let the pressure come down all the way by itself otherwise the juices won’t go back into the roast and it will be dry and somewhat tough.

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