I know Christmas is coming up.  And I should be thinking about posting Christmas-y types of recipes.  But I like to step out of the box usually.  I tend to do things a bit out of the “normal” spectrum.  😛  I’m just strange that way.  So I wanted to go a different route for this lovely holiday season…..and all the way into the new 2011 year as well.

I grew up in sunny California and I always had an array of multi-cultural friends from all over the world, along with an array of multi-cultural restaurants dotting every street.  I think that’s whats gotten me to be so open minded about eating all sorts of different kinds of foods from different cuisines.   I’m definitely not afraid to try foods that seem bazaar and crazy to most people. (Duck tongue anyone?)

I decided to call on my friends for some international cooking inspiration.  So, for the next few months, I’m going to be trying out different recipes from each of my friend’s country of origin.  And adapting them to be cooked in my electric pressure cooker.  This is going to be mighty interesting!  I’ve got friends originating from Russia, India, Vietnam, Lebanon and many more countries.  I am excited to try all these different flavors.  It’s going to be fun challenge!  Hope you are all ready!!!  (Note:  Food photos are just “ideas” right now.  Dishes may or may not be featured in the coming weeks.)


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  1. Angie on the 14. Dec, 2010 remarked #

    Mmmm… Paella!

  2. Marcia on the 31. Oct, 2014 remarked #

    i now have 2 PC’c one eletcric & one to use on the stove… I am in love with them both. I am so excited about using them. My “collard greens” with smoke turkey is amazing!!!! Soup is out of this world. Pursuer cooking is new to me.

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